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General Regulations for Recruiting International Students 2016

General Regulations for Recruiting International Students 2016


. Application

Welcome and thank you for applying to the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts (TAFA) .We encourage foreign students to participate in our international programs. Our school is designed to assist foreign students in developing a better understanding in the culture and arts of China. All applicants interested in obtaining a degree through school must complete the necessary paperwork and return to us no later than June 30th.  If you need assistant completing the application please contact our office. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M.——17:30 P.M.

Once the application is approved, TAFA will send a Enrollment Notice and a JW202 Form , so that the students can take the necessary documents to the Chinese Embassy for Visa approval.

. Semester Enrollment

Our spring semester will start at March and end at July.

Our fall semester will start at September and end at January.

Advanced Studies: Applicants can enroll and enter the school at anytime.

. Educational Requirements and Program Specialties:

Educational Requirements:




Term of Study



High school diploma

Under 35 years old

4 years

Sculpture-5 years

Masters’ Degree


Bachelors’ Degree

Under 45 years old

3 years

Students in

Advanced Studies

Basic knowledge of Fine Arts

No limit

No limit

Note: All classes will be taught in Mandarin Chinese. It is important for students to improve their Chinese language skills prior to enrollment.





ⅱ Program Specialties


Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts

School of Graphic Art

Print Making

Oil Painting



School of Design Art

Visual Communication Design

Jewelry Design and Lacquer

School of Product Design

Product Design

Dyeing & Textile Design

Costume Design

School of Public Art

Public Art

School of Architecture& Environmental Art  

Environmental Art Design

School of Experimental Art

Image Art

Photography Art

Free Painting


Mobile Media Art

School of Traditional Chinese Painting

Traditional Chinese Painting


School of Humanity

Art Design

Art Restauro and Appreciation

Animation Creation and Playwright









. Expenses:

1. Tuition fees:   Postgraduate Students         30,000  yuan RMB/person·year

               Graduate Students            28,000  yuan RMB/person·year

Students in Advanced Studies   3,000  yuan RMB/person·month

 2. Application fee:                      200  yuan RMB (nonrefundable)

 3. Registration fee:                     400  yuan RMB (nonrefundable)

 4. Dormitory fee:                      1,200  yuan RMB/month

5. Meal Expense:              approx.  1000  yuan RMB/month  

All payments are calculated in RMB. Payment is due in full upon admission. Charge card and Chinese currency is acceptable.

Note: Students are responsible for purchasing all necessary supplies and materials relevant to their classes, such as books, paints, utensils, etc. And the students should buy the comprehensive insurance &protection for foreigners staying in China at the beginning of each year. The insurance is 600RMB per month or 800RMB per month. (Students choose it themselves).


. Scholarship

New foreign students can apply for the scholarship to the international office before the end of June.

1. Bachelor degree students: full scholarship 20,000yuan RMB

                        half scholarship 10,000yuan RMB

2. Master degree students: full scholarship 30,000yuan RMB

                       half scholarship 15,000yuan RMB


.  Campus Life

Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts is known for its quality in education. Our school strives for integrity and artistry, while enhancing learning and practice for each student. Our campus grounds are well maintained and the living conditions are safe and clean. We strive for a warm and comfortable environment. Our guest house is equipped with around the clock caretakers to assist our students. The rooms offer air-conditioning, telephone, television, private bathroom/shower, water heater along with internet access and free WIFI the whole campus. Each floor has a public laundry and kitchen area. For the students’ convenience, we offer three cafeterias on campus.  

. Requirements for Registration

1. Foreign students are required to live in the guest house during the first semester.

2. Upon admission the student must register at the Foreign Affairs Office. The security guard at the gate will escort you.

3. Foreign students should have health/life insurance prior to admission. For your convenience, please have a copy of your relevant insurance information with you. The student can also purchase overseas students’ insurance, if necessary.

4. Foreign students are not allowed to work full or part-time jobs while attending school.   


Ⅷ. Contact Information:

Address Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Foreign Affairs Office

         No.4 Tianwei Road, Hebei District, Tianjin, 300141, P.R China

Contact persons Wang Chunshuang

Tel /Fax +86-22-26 24 15 05 , 18622283582

Email wcstafa@163.com


Ⅸ.Applicants must send TAFA the following information

·Application Form for Foreign Students of TAFA》(download

·Copy of Diploma and scores from graduating school

·Certificate of the HSK

·5-6 pieces of photos, slides or CDs

·Two pieces of Letters of recommendation from your professor

·Application Form for Scholarship of Foreign Students》(download

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